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embarking on my creative journey… here we go!

February 1, 2010
multi-media collage laundry painting

Laundry Day

hello! my name is wendy brightibll. i am a girl and her brush. i am just embarking on my creative journey and i am looking forward to all the many new adventures in this brave new world. thanks for visiting my blog and taking a look into my creative realm. i hope that you are encouraged and start to venture into your own creative expressions.

my mother is an artist, so i guess i inherited my creativity from her. in high school, i took a drawing class at our local hobby lobby. i learned how to draw with pencils and mostly just copied pictures in magazines. then for the next decade, i did not pursue anything artistic. my talent was just sitting on the shelf.

i just started painting a few years ago. it was my attempt to start decorating my house. i am all about design and love looking at design websites. i am obsessed with hgtv. so when i wanted to start making my home beautiful, there was no way i was going to spend a lot of money on art. design on a dime was my only option. my paintings were solely motivated by design.

this year, my mom let me borrow a copy of kelly rae roberts book titled Taking Flight. in her book, kelly rae gives step by step instructions on how to create pieces using collage and multi-media. i began painting with this new style and absolutely loved it!!! i found this messy and free style exhilarating. i actually enjoyed the whole process of painting and found new creativity pouring out of me. every spare moment i could find, i was painting. i am so thankful that i found this book, because it really spoke to my spirit and unlocked the door to my creativity. thank you kelly rae for all the ways that you have encouraged me to explore my creative side!

laundry day is my first painting using this new style! it still remains one of my favorites.

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  1. Tim B. permalink
    February 19, 2010 8:29 am

    Very nice work Wendy!!!

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